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Need experts to design your new HVAC system, monitor equipment, and replace worn-out parts? Our industrial electricians in Shepparton are all set for the job! For years, our team at ONJ Services has served clients in the manufacturing industry by providing installation, repair, and servicing solutions. Our mission is to keep things moving and ensure efficiency for our clients. That’s why we provide a wide range of services, from mechanical and electrical to HVAC installation and electrical systems servicing.

Our Industrial Electrician Services Across Shepparton


Electrical Support

Automation & Control

Mechanical Support

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Machinery Repairs

Essential Services

Our Industrial Electrician Services



Our industrial electricians can design, install, and service air conditioning and ventilation systems. We also upgrade and service boiler and chiller systems, and provide preventative maintenance to avoid delays and malfunctions. To ensure you’re up to code, our team can conduct performance audits and install type B gas appliances safely.

Automation and Control

Ready to start automating technical operations at your facility? Our team of automation and control engineers can handle AutoCAD and electrical schematics and software development, and provide support and maintenance. Other services include PLC and HMI programming, as well as VSD and VDF programming. And if you’re having trouble with the current software, we provide upgrades and troubleshooting services.



Whether you need a custom control panel for your production line or refrigeration controls for your storage facility, our electricians can do it for you. We have extensive experience in designing and installing custom switchboards, communications systems, and lighting systems. Our team can also handle electrical design and construction for your new factory.


Is a sudden breakdown delaying production? Our industrial electricians handle emergency breakdown repairs throughout Shepparton. We can troubleshoot hydraulic or pneumatic systems, as well as upgrade existing equipment for greater efficiency. Our services also include the design and fabrication of production systems, which includes repairing faulty machinery. This way, you can resume operations as usual.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

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At ONJ Services, we offer the sale of both new and refurbished machinery. To ensure that all your machines are in working order, we provide equipment monitoring, new machinery installation, and repair services. We specialise in servicing all types of production equipment and can handle machinery relocations in the event of an expansion or renovation.


Essential Services

Our team of industrial electricians also offers various essential services such as electrical test and tag services, power analysing, and RCD testing. These are important to ensure that your production facility complies with electrical safety codes. When you let us take care of things like emergency light testing, you can focus on operations.


Your manufacturing plant, no matter how big or small, uses both DC and AC motors. We can service and replace DC motors in equipment used for high-torque applications such as paper machines and steel mill rolling machinery. We also install, service, and replace AC motors in equipment like hydraulic pumps and air conditioning compressors. We’re also fully equipped to service and install hazardous motors.



Regardless of what you’re producing, it’s essential to install effective pumps in your manufacturing plant. Our industrial electricians can ensure that your centrifugal, diaphragm, hydraulic, and jet pumps operate consistently. We’re specialists in pump installation, servicing, and refurbishments. We also conduct performance testing, fault diagnostics, and check mechanical seals to avoid potential malfunctions and delays.

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re trusted by businesses and property owners across the City of Greater Shepparton and its suburbs, such as Congupna, Ardmona, and Byrneside.

Licensed Team

All our team members are trained and licensed to provide electrician services to clients in the manufacturing industry, and carry insurance coverage as well.

Regulatory Compliance

We understand the importance of meeting compliance requirements by following regulations and safety codes while we’re on the job.

Quality Parts

We believe that great workmanship starts with the right materials, so we source our parts and tools from trusted suppliers, ensuring better results.

Efficient Services

When you hire our services for your commercial location, we arrive on time and get the job done without delays.

If you’re looking for professional electricians to install or service your machinery, we operate throughout Shepparton and its suburbs, such as Congupna, Ardmona, and Byrneside.

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