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Professional Industrial Electrical Contractors in Melbourne

In search of trusted industrial electrical contractors in Melbourne? At ONJ Services, we have the skills, expertise, and experience to ensure that your systems are up and running. 


We conduct detailed inspections, spot issues before they exacerbate, and make repairs or replacements. We’ve been serving food and pharmaceutical production companies in Melbourne for years, so you can trust us to keep your industrial equipment in good shape. 

We’re dedicated to client satisfaction, and we deliver only the highest quality workmanship at competitive prices and without delays. 

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Our Industrial Electrical Services

The ONJ Services team can support your new facility build from the initial planning and design phase, through to our detailed maintenance programs to keep your manufacturing facility running efficiently.

Relying on our well planned, designed and executed processes to install a range of manufacturing machinery through to the fit for purpose electrical refrigeration needs, we will work with you to understand your needs and recommend the best solution for your facility.

The ONJ Electrical team can:

Electrical Upgrades and Maintenance

To stay ahead of the curve, your production facility should make electrical upgrades as needed. Similarly, scheduled maintenance can reduce the risk of early equipment failure, preventing the need for costly replacements.As experienced professionals in the field, we stay on top of relevant machinery upgrades and recommend them to clients as needed. Additionally, we check for signs of wear and tear during each inspection. This way, we can advise clients whether repairs or replacements are preferred.

Emergency Repairs

At ONJ Services, we know that electrical breakdowns can happen at any time, even if you schedule preventative maintenance. It’s why our crew is available when clients need us the most. If your electrical systems malfunction and you need urgent repair services, we’re the ones to call. We have an emergency team available 24/7 to handle urgent repairs. We’ll arrive promptly and address the issue so you can avoid downtime and meet production deadlines.

Servicing For Various Electrical Components

Like any modern production facility, it’s likely that yours has various moving parts. Therefore, handling electrical maintenance on your own can be very inefficient. At ONJ Services, we have years of expertise, as well as appropriate licensing to handle electrical repairs, installations, and replacements. With regular servicing, your facility can reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and delays. To help clients save time, we can service a variety of electrical components, such as: 

  • Wiring
  • Lighting Systems
  • Fire systems
  • Power systems
  • Communication systems
  • Switchboard and Metering alterations

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Benefit Of Regular Electrical Maintenance

Efficient Performance

A major advantage of consistent electrical maintenance is that it ensures efficient performance, thereby reducing utility costs. At ONJ Services, we can do this in numerous ways, such as checking up on insulation systems and power distribution points. With regular maintenance, you can spot and address electrical issues that could result in inefficient energy use.

Prevents Equipment Failure

Another significant benefit of scheduling regular electrical maintenance for your machinery is that it reduces the chances of equipment failure. Motors, generators, and other kinds of industrial equipment are exposed to consistent wear and tear. Therefore, they need to be serviced on a regular basis to identify issues early on and prevent the need for expensive repairs. 

Increased Safety For Employees

Without proper maintenance and servicing, electrical systems can become prominent safety risks for employees. Calling electrical contractors in Melbourne is an effective way to determine whether all your systems comply with current safety regulations. This helps reduce the chances of shocks, hazards, and electrical fires. Overall, we can help you provide a safer work environment to employees.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

An overlooked aspect of electrical maintenance is that it helps your production facility comply with local regulations. All commercial and industrial sites must adhere to safety and health regulations, and maintenance checks ensure that the facility operates within these rules. Consequently, you can avoid legal issues and fines. 

Reduces Expensive Downtime

For production facility managers, the greatest advantage of having electrical contractors on call is that it reduces the chances of going through expensive downtime. When your electrical systems break down, it can be very inconvenient. But more importantly, it could end up costing you if you’re not able to meet order requirements.  By scheduling consistent maintenance, you can successfully catch issues before they get worse. This prevents you from going through financial losses.

Trusted Industrial Electrical Contractors Serving Melbourne

Want to cut back on your company’s energy bills? Servicing your equipment to make it energy efficient is one of the best ways to do so. At ONJ Services, we can come up with different ways to reduce energy consumption and help you cut back on utility costs!

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