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Is the HVAC system at your production facility no longer functioning properly? Or do you want to install a more energy-efficient system? Either way, our team at ONJ Services can develop custom HVAC solutions for your company. 


For years, we’ve been providing industrial HVAC repair and installation services across Melbourne. Having served food and pharmaceutical businesses of all sizes, we’re equipped with industry leading strategies for preventive maintenance, timely upgrades, and repairs. Our team of licensed and insured professionals is qualified to recommend solutions, design HVAC systems, and make repairs. 

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Our Industrial HVAC Installation and Repair Services

Conceptual Design

If you’ve set up a new production site or just want to replace your existing HVAC system, we can discuss your specific needs to understand what kind of system you need.

Drafting and Fabrication

Based on your requirements, our team will design a suitable HVAC system. If needed, we’ll handle the fabrication process of your HVAC system. This allows us to deliver a custom design that’s specially built for your facility.

Project Management

During the installation process, we take project management very seriously. We believe in consistent and transparent communication with clients, so we’ll keep you posted about our progress.

Mechanical installation

Our team of mechanical fitters can handle the process of installing HVAC components and fitting them together for proper functioning. To get your system up and running, we’ll install and repair any electrical connections that affect your HVAC system’s performance. 

Maintenance Packages

After we install the HVAC system, we can provide a suitable maintenance plan and schedule. The purpose of a maintenance plan is so that your system receives ongoing servicing. As a result, components will wear out less quickly and you won’t need to worry about sudden breakdowns and emergencies. 

Emergency Repairs

At ONJ Services, we’re available around the clock to handle HVAC-related emergencies. 


Even with regular maintenance, industrial HVAC systems can go through sudden breakdowns. In this situation, it’s best to hire a professional team with the relevant skills and expertise to perform emergency repairs. With our help, you can reduce downtime and avoid production delays. 

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Benefits of On-Going Maintenance For Industrial HVAC Systems

Wondering why your business needs regular maintenance for your HVAC systems? Here are some of the advantages you get:

Energy Efficiency

If you’re running a retail location or production facility, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning make up a major chunk of your utility costs. However, researchers have found that well-maintained HVAC systems perform better while using less energy. This can result in major cost savings over time.

Cost Savings

When you hire a team of licensed and experienced electricians like at ONJ Services, they come up with a plan for scheduled maintenance. This plan can reduce the risks of needing to pay for unplanned repairs. 


While it’s impossible to avoid the need for any industrial HVAC repairs, preventive maintenance can reduce their likelihood. With a detailed maintenance plan, you can understand the condition of your HVAC system and make necessary repairs before you face sudden breakdowns.

Equipment Longevity

Industrial HVAC systems are built to last, but when you put off maintenance and preventive servicing, it’s bound to have a negative effect. Without proper maintenance, you could end up reducing the system’s lifespan. 


When your system has clogged components and dirty coils, it works harder to operate with the same level of performance – contributing to premature equipment failure. The best way to make the most of your industrial HVAC system is to invest in preventive maintenance rather than costly replacements. 

Greater Comfort

HVAC systems aren’t just essential for keeping products, equipment, and materials at optimal temperature, but maintaining a comfortable working environment for employees as well. Keep in mind that dirt and debris can accumulate in your HVAC system over time, which can reduce indoor air quality. This, in turn, contributes to various health concerns like asthma attacks. With regular maintenance and servicing, you can reduce the chances of this happening.

Compliance With Workplace Standards

As mentioned above, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees can boost morale and enhance productivity – but that’s not all. As a business, you must meet current workplace health and safety standards to avoid legal issues because of non-compliance. It’s best to work with a professional team of electricians who are well-versed regarding current regulatory requirements. 

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Why Choose Us For HVAC Repairs in Melbourne

Not sure who to call for HVAC repairs? Here’s how our team at ONJ Services has an edge over the competition:

Licensed and Insured

We are a fully insured and licensed company, so we make sure that all our practices align with local regulations.

Local Experience

The team at ONJ Services has been serving the Melbourne area for years. Thanks to our local experience, we’ve seen our fair share of industrial HVAC problems. This gives us the expertise to recommend suitable solutions.

Efficient Practices

Want to avoid costly downtime during HVAC repairs and servicing? To get done on time, we bring in a skilled team that’s equipped with specialised tools and the latest strategies.

Emergency Repair Services

At ONJ Services, we know that sudden breakdowns can occur regardless of how often you service the HVAC system. So, we offer round-the-clock emergency repairs to prevent any delays.

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