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Tired of dealing with slowed production due to faulty machinery? In that case, our team of expert industrial electricians in Dandenong can help! At ONJ Services, we’re dedicated to delivering peace of mind, quality workmanship, and speedy results so you can get back on track without delays. 


We offer a wide range of services, like repairing production machinery, installing motors and pumps, and preparing custom switchboards. Thanks to years of experience in the area, we’re confident in our abilities to get the job done right each time!

Our Industrial Electrician Services Across Dandenong


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Essential Services

Our Industrial Electrician Services



Any manufacturing plant or production facility needs an effective HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature and protect equipment. Our team can design and install air conditioning layouts, as well as service boiler and chiller systems. We can upgrade your HVAC system for efficient functioning and conduct performance audits to check for compliance.

Automation and Control

Automating processes at your production site is an effective way to speed up operations and increase productivity. A faster process means less human intervention, lower chances of human error, and reduced downtime. If you have yet to make the switch, our team at ONJ services can help. As one of the top providers of industrial automation and control systems in Melbourne, we’ve helped numerous production facilities take their operations to the next level. With our help, you can implement custom automation solutions designed to meet your needs.



If you’ve recently set up machinery and equipment for your production facility, our electrical services can ensure seamless functionality. Our team can design and install control panels, custom switchboards, and distribution boards. If you’re experiencing issues, we also offer electrical fault finding. Lastly, we recommend getting preventative maintenance to avoid future concerns. 


Our mechanical services include all aspects of facility maintenance to ensure that systems continue running smoothly. We specialise in the design and fabrication of machinery systems and safety guarding. If your facility already has a system in place, we can upgrade and modify your current equipment for greater efficiency. 

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

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Whether your business involves food production or pharmaceuticals, you’ll need a variety of machines for effective operations. From centrifuges and industrial mixers to packaging equipment and conveyor belts, we can install, monitor, and service all kinds of machines. We can also help relocate existing machinery or replace it if needed.


Essential Services

Besides the above, we also offer an array of essential services. Our electrical test and tag services ensure that your appliances are operating in compliance with electrical safety regulations. Other services include exit and emergency testing, RCD testing, and thermal imaging.


Motors make up an important part of any production facility, no matter how big or small. We can install, service, and replace electric motors as needed by our clients. With a full-service machine shop, we can handle gearbox repairs, install geared motors, and set up a generator system for your facility. We also service vacuums and blowers and offer servicing and replacements for AC/DC inverters. 



Manufacturing pumps are crucial components in industries since they transport fluids from point A to point B. They must be engineered to meet the needs of your production plant. We can troubleshoot malfunctions and conduct fault diagnostics to detect issues and propose solutions. And if you’ve just started, we can also design a layout for different pumps on-site. 

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re the top choice for businesses based in the City of Greater Dandenong and its respective suburbs, like Dovetown, Keysborough, and Endeavour Hills. 

Efficient Project Completion

When you hire our services, we make sure to get the job done on time, reducing downtime and allowing you to resume operations.

Local Experience

Our team members have plenty of local experience, giving us an edge when it comes to ensuring compliance with current codes and regulations. 

Licensed and Insured

Our team members are licensed and trained as per Australian standards, and we have appropriate insurance coverage, too.

Quality Workmanship

No matter what job you hire us for, we make sure to deliver great workmanship that leaves clients satisfied.

If you’re a property owner in need of reliable industrial electricians, we operate throughout Dandenong and its suburbs, including Dovetown, Keysborough, and Endeavour Hills.

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