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Highly Experienced Industrial Electricians Campbellfield

If you’re tired of calling a different person to service your electrical systems, HVAC system, production machinery, and more, then you need one team that can do it all. At ONJ Services, our industrial electricians in Campbellfield are prepared to handle jobs of all scales and sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand operations or a renowned company trying to meet strict production deadlines, we can help! With years of experience servicing manufacturing systems and equipment, we can keep your business running smoothly.

Our Industrial Electrician Services Across Campbellfield


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Essential Services

Our Industrial Electrician Services Campbellfield



Our team can set up VRV and VRF systems, type B gas-certified appliances, and hydraulic systems. We can design, install, and service air conditioning and ventilation systems, and upgrade boilers and chillers. We can maintain stairwell pressurisation to keep smoke and heat from entering escape routes and conduct preventative maintenance to avoid malfunctions.

Automation and Control

Say goodbye to bugs and glitches slowing down automated processes. Our engineers have years of experience and industry knowledge, allowing us to design custom automated systems for clients. We work closely with clients to identify technical workflow problems and come up with appropriate solutions. Each automation framework undergoes rigorous testing before being deployed and implemented.



Effective electrical systems can help ensure consistent operations at your facility, which is why we recommend regular preventative maintenance. At ONJ Services, we specialise in designing and installing custom control panels, refrigeration controls, and switchboards. Our experience allows us to identify faults quickly and prepare efficient electrical designs for new factories.


Ready to start your manufacturing business? Our team can design and prepare an effective layout for your production facility. Once you’re up and running, we’ll take care of all aspects of plant maintenance, too! And if you’re already running a manufacturing plant, we can upgrade your equipment, repair faulty machinery, and handle emergency repairs to minimise downtime.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

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No manufacturing plant is complete without properly installed machinery. At ONJ Services, we handle the sales of new and refurbished machinery, install new machines, and relocate machines during renovation projects. We also monitor machine performance to detect possible faults, provide regular servicing, and make necessary repairs.


Essential Services

Our range of essential services is designed to help your production facility meet electrical safety regulations. These include emergency exit testing, electrical test and tag services, thermal imaging, and RCD testing. In addition to meeting safety codes, these services can help prevent bigger issues that normally occur due to faulty appliances.


Need to get hydraulic motors replaced? Or are your hazardous location motors in need of servicing? Either way, can install, replace, and service high-voltage motors and generators, servo motors, and generator backup systems. And if you’re dealing with faulty motors in your air moving systems, pumps, and conveyors, we can replace them quickly to minimise downtime and restore productivity.



When industrial pumps don’t work properly, it can bring operations to a standstill. We provide efficient pump refurbishment, which involves complete disassembly of the pump and replacement of worn-out parts. In some cases, damaged mechanical parts like seals, gears, and bearings have to be remanufactured because they’re not commercially available. After that, we conduct performance testing to ensure that everything’s in working order.

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re trusted by businesses and property owners based in Campbellfield and surrounding suburbs in the City of Hume.

Always On Time

We understand you want to resume operations and minimise downtime. That’s why we arrive on time and do our best to finish the job without delays.

Local Code Compliance

As a locally-owned company with years of experience, we’re well-versed in local regulations and safety codes, allowing us to meet compliance requirements.

Qualified Professionals

We’re a team of trained and licensed professionals that’s cleared to provide electrician services across Melbourne. We’re also insured to address liability concerns.

Custom Solutions

When you need a new installation, we deliver custom solutions that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

We operate across Campbellfield and surrounding suburbs in the City of Hume, such as Somerton, Fawkner, and Broadmeadows.

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