Preventive Maintenance

Industrial Machinery Maintenance in Melbourne

Ensure seamless performance of food equipment and industrial machines at your plant or site with regular and programmed maintenance services. ONJ Services is one of the top food equipment maintenance and industrial machine maintenance services providers in Melbourne, with experienced technicians who can service any machine used in the food packaging industry.

What does Industrial Machine Maintenance in Melbourne include?

An important part of the programmed industrial maintenance and machine maintenance procedure is thorough inspection, lubrication and servicing of the different moving parts of the machine. As food equipment is used for 12-18 hours a day and 5-7 days per week, their moving parts are susceptible to wear and tear. Moreover, these high pressure and heavy-duty equipment are also prone to breakdowns and snags. Cleaning the equipment on a timely basis removes the food residue and packaging material, ensuring smooth functionality and meets food safety standards.


Our industrial machine maintenance service includes but is not limited to:

Benefits of Programmed Maintenance Services

Regular and scheduled maintenance of machines and equipment is mandatory for quality performance. In absence of timely maintenance, the machines are prone to breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are the several benefits of getting equipment at your site serviced by ONJ Services in Melbourne:

Get quality service at affordable rates with ONJ Services. As an industrial machines service leader in Melbourne, our technicians will visit your plant to discuss and chart out a food equipment maintenance schedule that ensures minimum disruption to your production schedule. Feel free to call us on 1300 000 ONJ or email at for a tailor-made industrial machine maintenance schedule for your plant.

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