Cut / Crease and Robot Upgrade

  • Installation of all field wiring and devices, sensors, vsd’s, sew movements, PE cells, etc.
  • Integrate conveyors, spiral conveyors, box erectors, robots, etc using the latest PLC’S and system technologies.
  • Assist with implementation of AZI nodes, networks & commissioning.
  • Install the HMI panel and integrate it with PLC and fault controls.

Centrifuge / Wash Line Upgrade

  • Design and build a control panel for New Centrifuge.
  • Design and build a control panel for New cutting table.
  • Install all field wiring to Intercell belt motors including feedback for control
  • Install all safety controls to cat 4

New Plant Install

  • Install and integrate new Heat site mapping technology.
  • Design and install new Sub/boards for power distribution.
  • Integrate PLC controls and Networks.
  • Wire and commission vegetable extruder, Aseptic filler and Pasteurizer.

Safety Upgrades

  • CAT 3 & CAT 4 Safety Upgrades.
  • AS4024 Compliance.
  • Machine safety design.
  • Maintenance safety implementation.
  • Safety Software Integration.
  • Estops, Light curtains, guard switches, trapped key switches, safety laser scanners, 2 hand controllers, Extra points to add to safety.