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Industrial Food Machinery Repairs & Servicing in Melbourne

To ensure that your industrial food machinery unit runs efficiently, you need to get the equipment regularly serviced and repaired. This prevents breakdown and costly downtime that disrupts your production and supply schedules. That is where we can help. ONJ Services, the premier industrial food machinery repairs service provider in Melbourne, ensures that all the machines at your industrial plant or unit are serviced on a timely basis.


We are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency industrial machinery repairs or food processing equipment repairs anywhere in Melbourne. Our skilled machinery electricians can attend to any breakdown complaints and ensure that your machinery works efficiently. We work closely with your maintenance staff and give them the required support to get your machines in working condition at the earliest. At ONJ Services, we understand that industrial food machines are part of the assembly line and the breakdown of one machine can impact the overall production. That is why our team prioritises quick and skilful repair of machines to establish a smooth workflow.

We Service & Repair a Range of Industrial Food Machinery including:

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Food Machinery Services We Provide Across Melbourne

Preventive Maintenance For Food Machinery in Melbourne

On-going servicing is perhaps the best way to keep food machinery and equipment running smoothly. At ONJ Services, we devise custom maintenance plans that keep your equipment running for longer. Our team members are licensed to minimise the effects of wear and tear, ensuring that your machinery functions at optimal levels. 


Our process includes conducting a thorough inspection of the facility, evaluating broken components, and replacing broken and faulty parts. We also clean and lubricate machinery to reduce the effects of wearing, increasing your equipment’s lifespan.

Emergency Repairs For Food Machinery in Melbourne

If your food machinery or equipment has broken down suddenly, it could bring operations to a grinding halt. This, in turn, can result in costly downtime and delays that impact your production schedule. In this case, your company needs emergency repairs to bring production back on track. We have a crew available 24/7 to service various brands of food processing equipment. We’ll arrive promptly with the necessary tools to address your concerns.

Servicing Different Food Machinery Types

Over the years, our crew at ONJ Services has served many food and pharmaceutical businesses in Melbourne. We have expert knowledge and insights on the best way to service the following types of equipment, as well as others: 


  • Ovens and Fryers
  • Formers 
  • Fillers
  • Dicers 
  • Slicers
  • Peelers
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Packaging Machines

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Benefits of Regular Servicing for Food Machinery in Melbourne

Helps You Adhere To Regulations

Production facilities that produce food products and pharmaceuticals comply with regulatory requirements set by local authorities. When you schedule regular maintenance and servicing, you can ensure that food equipment meets current safety and health standards. 


This doesn’t just help you avoid compliance issues, but builds trust with customers as well. And when you work with specialists like ONJ Services, you get the added benefit of expertise and comprehensive knowledge regarding current regulations.

Helps Stick To a Budget and Schedule

Sure, you’ll need to allocate a specific budget and time slot for on-going servicing, but isn’t that better than having to spend much more when it’s most bothersome? With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to maintain a schedule and budget that lets you decide the best time to service your equipment.

Long-Term Cost Savings

While sticking to a maintenance schedule and allocating a budget to on-going servicing may seem expensive, it actually provides long-term costs savings. Neglecting regular maintenance can cause components to break down much more quickly, creating the need to purchase and install new equipment and machinery. 


On the other hand, servicing components before they wear out can extend their lifespan. When you make the most of food machinery, you extend its lifespan, optimise production, and save money on costly replacements.

Consistent Quality of Products

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, consistency is everything. This is especially with regard to food products and pharmaceuticals. One of the main ways to ensure consistent quality and results is to keep your equipment and machinery running smoothly. This reduces the chances of faulty products and potential complaints from customers.

Prevents Unexpected Downtime

When food machinery breaks down, it can lead to long delays and even failure to meet production deadlines. This is especially bad news if you’re on a tight schedule. While you can never predict when your machinery and equipment will break down, it’s much more likely to occur if you fail to carry out adequate maintenance on time. When you opt for ongoing servicing, you prevent equipment from wearing out in the first place, which greatly reduces the chances of damage and subsequent breakdowns.

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Why Choose Us

At ONJ Services, we have professionals that use any kind of industrial food machinery at their plant. Our qualified machine repair tradesman can repair every kind of food packaging machine, vacuum tumblers, etc. Whether you have a broken electric pallet truck, or if your bagging machine stops working, or any emergencies, feel free to call our helpline at any time.

Here are some reasons that has made us a reputed industrial machine repairs services provider in Melbourne:

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