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Industrial automation helps you take your business to the next level of development. With faster processes, less human intervention and automation of processes, you get higher productivity, lower downtime and decreased human error. ONJ Services is one of the leading providers of industrial automation and control systems in Melbourne, helping you take your business’ growth trajectory to a higher level. With years of experience as well as a skilled automation and control system installation team, we help you with comprehensive industrial automation solutions. There are a variety of industries that benefit from industrial automation and control such as:

At ONJ Services, we recognise that industrial automation is a challenging task for any organisation. It is not as simple as buying equipment and having it installed. As the leading industrial automation provider of Melbourne, our team offers comprehensive solutions that are tailor-made for the unique needs of your business. Just give us a call and our industrial automation specialist will visit your plant site or business to understand your automation requirement, offering quality solutions.

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Our Automation Process


We start with an initial consultation to gauge the specifications of what you’re looking for in a good automation system. So, we take the time to discuss your needs and issues that are impacting your business. This points us in the direction we must take to develop a proper solution for your production facility. Once we decide on a suitable concept, we’ll give you a detailed quote with our competitive price.

3D Design

Then, to show you how the system will look and operate, we use 3D design software. This will allow you to see the system in action as each cable, pipe, nut, and bolt is added to the drawing. During this stage, we check the design for misalignment and clashing so that by the end of it, we have error-free drawings.

Building and Testing

Once your high-quality automation system is designed, we’ll begin assembling the components so you can get back to day-to-day operations. After the entire project is put together, we take it for a test spin to see how it performs. We conduct machine testing on-site to make sure that the system is functional and ready to hand over.

Installation and Servicing

We carefully transport the different components of the system to your location. After it arrives, we’ll inspect it, install it, and make any necessary adjustments before it’s ready to work. In case your automation system experiences a breakdown or requires scheduled maintenance, our team at ONJ Services is available for the job. We’ll arrive promptly to make sure that your machine is up and running in no time.

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Benefits of Industrial Automation in Melbourne

More Production

The greatest advantage is that automation boosts production. If you’ve been trying to increase output with the same amount of time and equipment, automating the process helps you find bottlenecks and overcome them for greater efficiency. For instance, installing an automation system can measure multiple ingredients at the same time for greater convenience, while increasing the rate of production.

Better Quality Products

Is your production facility failing to deliver a consistent quality of products? If your production is inconsistent, it can be tied to repeatability and accuracy. If your measurement systems grow more and more inconsistent, your product quality will take a hit. A high-performance automation will ensure consistent results on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis while checking for faults and failures.

Saves Money

Integrating high quality automation technology reduces your costs. There are two ways to understand how automation reduces costs. The first way is by increasing productivity, which results in higher profits. Your company can then reinvest those profits in other areas. Another way you save money is by reducing the need for workers. Therefore, you won’t need to bear the costs of hiring and training workers.

Efficient Material Use

Do you have any way to keep track of how much product you’re using? Without an automation system, it’s unlikely. A well-installed system manages to track different ingredients and materials being used. At the same time, it looks for signs of waste. This data gives insights to improve efficiency in material use.

Greater Flexibility

When you’re able to control the different systems involved in production, you can adapt to times of increased and decreased demands. If there’s a need for more of a certain product, you can come up with solutions quickly.

Increased Safety

If the site’s workers aren’t able to keep a safe distance from the machinery, it could contribute to hazardous working conditions. Having an automation system in place is essential to making sure that employees feel safe. 


This is especially true considering industrial processes use high voltages and powerful chemicals to develop products. Deploying an automation system prevents employees from engaging in difficult tasks



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