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Dealing with broken equipment? Or is your production line slowed down due to worn-out parts? Either way, our crew of industrial electricians in Geelong can help! At ONJ Services, we specialise in providing automation, mechanical, HVAC, and electrical solutions to clients in the manufacturing industry. With years of experience in preparing custom solutions for small and large-scale businesses, we’re ready to tackle all kinds of jobs. We pride ourselves on delivering impeccable workmanship, efficiency, and project management.

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Our Industrial Electrician Services



To keep your HVAC system running smoothly, our industrial electricians offer a variety of services. We service, repair, and upgrade boiler and chiller systems and cooling towers. We’re well-versed in designing and installing new air conditioning and ventilation systems, and conduct performance audits to ensure compliance. Aside from upgrading your HVAC systems, we can also provide preventative maintenance.

Automation and Control

Our automation and control engineers can help you save precious time and resources on manual tasks. Let us help you ensure greater efficiency in your operations by automating technical systems. Our services include managing AutoCAD and electrical schematics, software development, and providing relevant support and maintenance. We carefully test each software before applying it to your system.



Electrical issues affecting your productivity? We can get operations back on track with quick fault-finding and preventative maintenance. Our industrial electricians can design and install custom switchboards, control panels, and distribution boards. In addition, we can set up refrigeration controls and lighting systems for new factories and renovations.


Whether you’re starting out or are operating a manufacturing business, our mechanical engineering services can keep systems running smoothly. From designing a layout for your production facility and conducting routine maintenance to upgrading current equipment and repairing faulty machinery, we do it all! We also offer onsite and offsite welding services and troubleshoot hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

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Your machines are the backbone of your manufacturing plant. From lathes and conveyor belts to centrifuges and QA machines, we specialise in installing, servicing, and repairing all kinds of machinery. Whether you’re looking to install new machines or relocate existing machines to a new place, we’re the ones to call.


Essential Services

We offer a variety of essential services that are designed to ensure compliance with electrical safety codes and regulations. These comprise electrical test and tag services, emergency exit testing, and RCD testing to see if the RCD in a circuit works properly.


When you’re operating a production facility, your motors need to be in excellent shape to avoid downtime and delays. From hydraulic pumps and air conditioning compressors to rolling equipment and more, we can install, service, and replace DC and AC motors. We also specialise in setting up hazardous location motors, replacing servo motors, servicing vacuums and blowers, and installing generator systems.



At ONJ Services, we specialise in pump overhaul and refurbishment. Whether it’s a faulty centrifugal pump or hydraulic pump, we can make it good as new by replacing all seals and bearings as standar. We inspect the mechanical seal and repair or replace it as needed. We also conduct hydraulic analysis and performance testing to ensure that everything’s in working order.

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Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re trusted by companies and small businesses across the City of Greater Geelong and its respective suburbs, like Corio, Highton, and Grovedale.

Licensed and Insured

Our team is licensed as per current requirements to provide electrician services throughout Geelong. We also carry appropriate insurance coverage.

Custom Solutions

When you hire us to design and install an HVAC system, automate processes, or equipment for your production process, we prepare custom solutions.

Local Expertise

As a locally-owned company, we’ve served Geelong and nearby areas for years. This gives us the skills to handle projects of all scales and sizes.

Efficient Services

Regardless of the type of project, we do our best to deliver results on time and without delays, so that you can resume operations and maintain productivity.

We provide industrial electrician services throughout the City of Greater Geelong and its suburbs, including Corio, Highton, and Grovedale.

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