Everything you need to know about Machinery Servicing for Manufacturing Facilities

If you’re in food, beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing, machinery servicing is vital to keeping your business working at its optimal.


When we think of servicing, we often think of the car we rely on every day. We know how important it is to regularly service our vehicle and never think twice about taking it in for a once over at the mechanics. Servicing manufacturing equipment is no different! In fact, considering your livelihood is riding on it, machinery servicing is an integral part of your business’ operational strategy and programmed maintenance schedule.


Your business has invested heavily into the machinery and equipment it needs to run your manufacturing facility and whether you’re in food manufacturing, beverage manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, this equipment makes up some of the most expensive and important assets of the business.


And there are a range of benefits to your business as a result of implementing industrial maintenance programs:

  1. Reduced downtime, increased reliability – Breakdowns mean delays and even complete halts to manufacturing which naturally costs your business dearly. Your business is relying on your equipment to continue operating, so let’s make sure it really can be relied upon.
  2. Increased production and optimal efficiency – Regular industrial equipment maintenance services ensures that every part of your manufacturing line is working at its best. This means your facility will be operating at maximum throughput and maximum production.
  3. Increased lifespan – By servicing your machinery regularly, you’re more likely to pick up small issues, before they become major ones. And this can mean that your equipment will last longer and save your business from constantly reinvesting into new business assets.
  4. Increased safety – It goes without saying that the safety of your staff is paramount and when machinery breaks down it can often jeopardise the health and safety of your personnel. It’s just not worth the risk and can even cost your business in terms of legal payouts.


Here at ONJ Services, we do offer an emergency breakdown service and can even guarantee we’ll be out to help you within 2 hours. But wouldn’t it make more sense to avoid some of these breakdowns wherever possible? Including programmed industrial maintenance as part of your operational plan is vital.


What’s included in Machinery Maintenance and Servicing?

At every programmed maintenance service we include:

  • Checking all electrical components for damage and wear
  • Metering of motors for correct amperage
  • Tightening of terminals and fittings
  • Heat scanning of key components
  • Tightening of moving parts
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Changing of essential oils/lubricants
  • Testing and recording machine benchmarks
  • Providing a comprehensive report with actionable items


If any repairs are required, we’ll provide a full written quote and details, and work with your team so that we avoid any major business disruption.


Did you know that ONJ Services also offers customised maintenance programs? We can take the guesswork out of what services are required, and when they’re required, by working with you to implement a Scheduled Maintenance Program that suits your exact requirements.


Interested in finding the best machinery servicing option for your manufacturing facility? Give John a call on 1300 000 ONJ and let’s make a plan.