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Urschel Machines Melbourne

Urschel machines are versatile machines that you can use for slicing, dicing, milling and shredding cooked or frozen meats, onions and cabbages. ONJ Services is the leading service provider in Melbourne for Urschel slicer maintenance, servicing and repairs. Our skilled technicians can service and repair every model of the Urschel grinder and slicer machine and make them serviceable in no time. We understand that Urschel slicer, grinder or shredder machines at your facility or site are part of an assembly line production. And the malfunction of a single machine has a domino effect on their overall production and leads to downtime. Our trained mechanics and technicians are available for servicing and repairing the Urschel machines whenever you need them. We also provide 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance.

Types of Urschel Machines

These are the major types of Urschel machines that are used in the food processing industry in Australia:

  • Slicers
  • Dicers
  • Milling
  • Shredders

Uses & Benefits of Urschel Machines

There are several benefits of the Urschel range of machines that have made them one of the most sought after machines in the packaged food industry. These are:

  • Easy slicing, milling and shredding
  • High productivity
  • Fast operations

Preventive Maintenance and Servicing of Urschel Machines

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance and servicing of the Urschel machines at your site covers every aspect. Here are some of the essential servicing and maintenance activities that our qualified Urschel specialists carry out:  

  • Cleaning of packing material or food leftovers
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Extensive testing
  • Mechanical and electrical circuits check
  • Servicing or replacing faulty parts
  • Removal of rust

Why should you choose ONJ Services for Urschel Slicer Maintenance?

We are the leading service provider for maintenance, servicing and repairing of every type of Urschel machine in Melbourne. Our expert technicians work on every model of these machines. Here are some reasons that have made us the preferred service provider for the Urschel range:

  • Trained and experienced mechanics
  • Fast turnaround time
  • High-grade spare parts
  • Comprehensive services and repairs


With ONJ Services you get dependable service at affordable prices. Call our experts on 1300 000 ONJ or feel free to drop us an email at for Urschel slicer maintenance and service requirements.