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Multivac Machines Melbourne

Multivac machines are at the forefront of packaging solutions for the food processing industry. These machines are used for hermetically sealing your product to ensure that it reaches customers with its freshness intact. Multivac vacuum packaging machines are favoured by Australian businesses for their high-grade technology and ease of use. ONJ Services sells, repairs and services to all types of Multivac thermoforming machines for your plant or facility in Melbourne. Our trained fitters and engineers can install, repair and service a Multivac machine in a short time span. All you need to do is call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Industries Using Multivac Vacuum Packaging Machine

The versatile Multivac machines are used in a variety of industries such as:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Cheese/ Dairy
  • Biscuits/ Bakery
  • Confectionery
  • Frozen Foods
  • Powders/ Spices
  • Coffee (Beans/ Ground)
  • Sauces/ Soups
  • Medical products
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial goods

…and many more.

Range Of Multivac Machines

No matter what the scale of your operations is, there is a Multivac machine that is perfect for you. For small and medium scale packaging to large volume handling machines, select a machine as per your requirement. Here are the major varieties of Multivac machines:

  • Compact thermoformers
  • Medium and large volume thermoformers
  • Vacuum pack thermoformers
  • Automatic tray sealers
  • Vacuum chamber machines
  • Conveyor belt chamber machines

Uses & Benefits of Multivac Packaging Machines

There are several ways that Multivac vacuum packaging machines help you in your food processing business. Take your enterprise to the next level with the use the user of these machines for:

  • Automation
  • Faster packaging
  • Sealed packaging
  • Higher productivity
  • Attractive & light packing
  • Easy to store & transfer

Why Us?

ONJ Services is the leading company for the sale and servicing of Multivac thermoforming machines in Melbourne. We provide you with the best machines, reliable service and dependable regular maintenance. Here is why we are the preferred vendor for Multivac machines:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Sales, maintenance and service
  • High-grade spare parts
  • Experienced installation and service teams
  • 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance


ONJ Services is the name you can trust, the provider of trustworthy services and the best packaging solutions for the food industry in Melbourne. Call us on 1300 000 ONJ or email us at for Multivac machines.