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Product categories



• Hygienic innovative design
• Resistant chassis
• Doble traction system, maximum stability
• 100% stainless steel with protected electronics
• AC motors


The ULMA Inoxtruck pedestrian electronic stacker provides an hygienic and innovative design, solving all stacking and load storage
needs at different heights. Our robust and 100% stainless steel electronic stacker ensures a high durability and the best robust and hygienic features, reducing the
maintenance cost. In conclusion, these equipments offer a residual load capacity at maximum height in stainless steel. ULMA INOXTRUCK has adapted the concepts
of hygienic design to its products, well known as part of the extended Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the design of the processing and packaging machines. Therefore ULMA INOXTRUCK material handling equipments present an innovative and hygienic design that allow our customers to include our products in the cleaning procedures that the companies have set to guarantee the hygiene of their Clean Rooms

Technical Specification