ASGO automatic Grinders


ASGO automatic Grinders are efficient, heavy duty and reliable machines designed to match the needs of the small and medium size meat processing industries and comply with the safety requirements of the last CE  Machines Directive.
Its automatic operation is achieved by means of 2 perpendicular worms: 1 feeding worm with 2 working speeds and 1 worm for the cutting system with 1 or 2 working speeds, according to the product being processed – fresh, at positive temperature, or frozen pieces after size reduction, at up to -7°C.
For special applications – minced meat products or meat chunks – ASGO automatic Grinders can be equipped with an optional feeding/mixing arm to ease the continual product flow inside of the hopper towards the cutting system.
ASGO automatic Grinders can be equipped with a lift loader for 200 L bins, fixed to the body of the machine  and can also be available in a compact version, smaller in height, without lift loader.

pce boca Cutting and feeding system
Specially design to prevent wear, easy access and tool mounting, the 130mm hole plate cutting system support standard hole plates and cutting knifes combinations. No wear can be found on cutting worm or housing due to design arrangement.
PCE130 provides the possibility to use two feeding speeds and one or two grinding speeds (PCE130.II only). With the two grinding speeds, PCE130.II spreads the range application from fresh meat, slightly frozen meat to cocked meat, livers, kidneys and vegetables.
Depending on temperature, size and kind of product it’s always possible to select one of the two available feeding worm speeds. Standard machine includes two cutting knifes, one pre-cut plate, and 3 hole plates respectively 5, 13 and 20mm.
PCE130.I.M mixing grinder
For specific food products, the ASGO grinder hopper can be provided with a mixing system. A T shape paddle is mounted inside the hopper, and rotates with a constant 16 min-1 rotating speed.
grinder mixer paddles


Technical Specification

Model  Hopper Capacity  Cutting worm speed  Feed worm speed
 PCE130.I  260 Litre  300 min-1  29-57 min-1
 PCE130.II  260 Litre  230-455 min-1  29-57 min-1
 PCE130.I.M  320 Litre  300 min-1  29-57 min-1