ASGO automatic Fillers


ASGO automatic Fillers with continual vacuum feeding are efficient, heavy duty and reliable machines used in most of the applications in all sorts of meat processing industries. This version HDE 320/325, CE marked, fits the necessary requirements to be connected and synchronized with the different types of peripheral attachments and devices: automatic and semi-automatic Clipping machines for all sorts of sausages; bag and box fillers for formed hams and patés; and as stuffing pumps for high capacity sausage linkers.
Its hopper with a volume of 270 L is fed by a lift loader included in the body of the machine. Inside the hopper there is a spiral blade or pusher which drives together with the vacuum effect created inside the rotary vane cell, the product from the hopper to the stuffing horns and to the casings, either natural or artificial. The accuracy of the portioning is effective and in line with the best references of the market.
All the functions of the ASGO Automatic Vacuum Fillers – stuffing speed, volume/weight of the portions, throughput, counter of portions, vacuum level, clock, connection to peripherals, etc. – are controlled by a PLC and a polychromatic touch screen display. Relevant information regarding electrical troubleshooting, maintenance and service are also shown in the touch screen display. The operator can design, correct, store and recall by an easy and friendly way different production programs, which one with its settings, of all sorts of products processed by the filler.


Technical Specification

stuffers main
 Model  Capacity Max portioning rate Max portion rate with linking  Portion range
HDE320P 5500kg/h 650/min (*) 25…9999cm3
HDE325T 5500kg/h 650/min (*)  440/min (*) 25…9999cm3
(*) with 25cm3 portions