Best Material Handling Equipment Suppliers in Melbourne

Move, lift and transport goods easily in your store or warehouse with material handling equipment. Get the best range of lifting equipment like electric pallet jacks, tilter, pallet trucks, tippers, electric pallet trucks, trolleys and other products at competitive prices with ONJ Services, one of Melbourne’s top suppliers and sellers of material handling equipment. The handling equipment minimises risk and boosts productivity at your storage facility, site or warehouse.

Benefits and uses of Material Handling Equipment

Handling equipment has become an integral part of operations at every storage facility, retail and wholesale selling outlet and warehouse today. Here are some benefits of handling equipment:


  • Boosts productivity:
    Manual handling, lifting, shifting of heavy parcels, products or materials is very cumbersome and time-consuming. Electric pallet jack, hand pallet truck and other such handling equipment make the task of moving materials, boxes and various other loads easy, boosting the productivity at your facility.
  • Workplace safety:
    The handling equipment also ensures workplace safety. Moreover, it prevents back pain, shoulder pain and injuries to the workers that are common in lifting or moving heavy packages or materials.
  • Faster operations:
    The operations are conducted much faster when you use handling equipment, instead of manual labour.
  • Space utilisation:
    They also help you efficiently utilise the space at your warehouse or facility as the storage racks at the height are also fully used.
  • Easy handling, transfer, storage and dispatch:
    With handling equipment, it becomes easy to transfer, store and shift packages and materials around the warehouse or at the site.

Why ONJ Services?

We are among the top material handling equipment suppliers in Melbourne. Here are some reasons that have made us the preferred supplier of material handling equipment:


  • Large range of products
  • Competitive prices
  • High-grade equipment
  • After-sale support
  • Spares & repairs


Check out the wide range of electric pallet jack & hand pallet trucks at our website and order today. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have queries, feel free to call us on 1300 000 ONJ or email us on