Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

When you’re running a manufacturing business, the performance and reliability of your machinery is paramount. To avoid the disruption and frustration of manufacturing machinery breakdowns, a tailored preventative maintenance program should be considered a key element of your facility’s operational strategy.

In this blog, we highlight the benefits, features and tailored scheduling of ONJ Services’ preventative maintenance programs.

The Benefits Of Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

Machine servicing and preventative maintenance programs offer a range of benefits for the manufacturing industry. These include improvements in:

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Production throughput
  • Uptime

These benefits translate to a reduced risk of machinery downtime and disruption to production schedules. Preventative maintenance is an investment which will not only improve the capabilities of your business, but will increase the safety, performance and lifespan of your machinery.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program

ONJ Services carries out a range of checks and services as part of our preventative maintenance programs. These include checking electrical components, heat scanning of key components, metering of motors, tightening of terminals and fittings, lubricating and tightening moving parts and changing essential oil or lubricants. We also test and record your machinery’s benchmarks and produce a report with actionable items clearly marked. ONJ Services will then work with you to book in the machinery repairs that are required.

Programs Designed With Your Business In Mind

One of the key differences you’ll notice when you partner with ONJ Services, is that we design a preventative maintenance program that works in with your business. We’re committed to reducing your facility’s downtime and improving the condition of your machinery.

Our team includes a range of professionals with a broad skill set, so we can tackle any machinery issues as quickly as possible. We stay focused on ensuring that your machine servicing or repairs are completed efficiently and effectively, so you won’t suffer from reduced production output.

Full Service Support

With decades of industry experience, ONJ Services offers a complete solution for the Victorian and Australian manufacturing industry. In addition to our machine servicing and preventative maintenance solutions, we offer a range of services including machinery, electrical, mechanical and automation support. Get in touch with our Melbourne team online or call 1300 000 ONJ.