Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Manufacturing Facility

When you’re running a manufacturing business, the performance and reliability of your machinery is paramount. To avoid the disruption and frustration of manufacturing machinery breakdowns, a tailored preventative maintenance program should be considered a key element of your facility’s operational strategy. In this blog, we highlight the benefits, features and tailored scheduling of ONJ Services’ […]

How to Keep on top of your Food Processing Machinery Maintenance

Food Processing Machinery

How to Keep Your Food Processing Machinery Maintained   Food processing machinery is prone to deterioration because of wear and tear over time. This will affect the machine’s overall performance. Thus, operators must have regular food processing machinery maintenance. After all, preventative maintenance is far more effective in detecting and preventing premature failure rather than […]

What are Microfactories?


What are Microfactories?   Microfactories are small-to-medium scale, technologically advanced, and usually highly automated manufacturing plants or factories. A microfactory can have a wide range of process capabilities or focus on just a single capability, depending on the end product being manufactured. Though microfactories can be scaled to replicate whatever manufacturing setup or numbers are […]

ONJ Services Can Improve Manufacturing Footprint Designs

Manufacturing Footprint Designs

Designing your Manufacturing Footprint   When designing your manufacturing operations, there are several alternative structures to choose from. Here is an overview of some of the more common manufacturing footprint designs, each of which makes different trade-offs between production volume, logistics, time and energy consumption.   The main premise of manufacturing footprints is to distribute […]

For Small Footprint Operations

Small Footprint Operations What does manufacturing footprint mean? Manufacturing footprint refers to the placement or positioning of production and manufacturing operations in terms of geographical location and value chain. Manufacturing footprint is also the ability to distribute production and manufacturing into small footprint operations to bring finished products nearer to as many countries as possible […]

Microbrewery equipment: what you need to consider


We are all no doubt familiar with the term ‘craft beer’. Craft beer manufacturing is taking an increasing share of the broader beer market, with a new brewery opening in Australia, on average, every six days according to the Independent Brewers Association (1). Furthermore, the quality and breadth of flavours that craft beer offers has […]